Spend your holiday season with All Access

Holiday Backdrops are here! ❄️❄️❄️

Are you ready for party season? We sure are! With all the cheer, gift-giving and upcoming boozy nights, everyone is ready to have fun. Basically, our favorite thing to do year-round.

This winter we bring the fun with our two newest backdrops: Winter Blue & Winter Red. Perfect backdrops for a holiday party of any theme. We'd also like to share our popular backdrops during the holiday season: Gatsby & Gold, especially for those classy End-of-the-year soirees. 

Killin' it with the prop style! 🎭

This is it, our favorite time of year to bring in the fresh props for all the holiday themes! We have some amazing finds this holiday season, including a goat mask & a giant champagne bottle. Give your guests what they really want for the holidays: hilarious sunglasses shaped like Christmas trees. 

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