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Holiday Backdrops are here! ❄️❄️❄️

Are you ready for party season? We sure are! With all the cheer, gift-giving and upcoming boozy nights, everyone is ready to have fun. Basically, our favorite thing to do year-round.

This winter we bring the fun with our two newest backdrops: Winter Blue & Winter Red. Perfect backdrops for a holiday party of any theme. We'd also like to share our popular backdrops during the holiday season: Gatsby & Gold, especially for those classy End-of-the-year soirees. 

Killin' it with the prop style! 🎭

This is it, our favorite time of year to bring in the fresh props for all the holiday themes! We have some amazing finds this holiday season, including a goat mask & a giant champagne bottle. Give your guests what they really want for the holidays: hilarious sunglasses shaped like Christmas trees. 

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A backdrop for everyone

As the party planning season approaches, or already has for those who like to get an early start, its important to plan your photo booth with time. Of course you will have a photo booth, i.e. 4 reasons why you need a photo booth, but more importantly what backdrop will you choose?! Check out our selection below, and with All Access you get to work with photographers & designers who go beyond bringing the fun by helping you design the best photo booth for you!

Summer Inspiration | Photo Booth Ideas

Summer Photo Booth Ideas

It’s been a beautiful summer and we all know the end is near. Let’s party. 

It’s time to spend those last summer weeks sharing the sun with good friends, good food & taking memorable pics to look back on a tough rainy Monday. We love getting inspired by the season’s trends to help design our next backdrop, prop or booth wrap. (Yes! We wrap our booths, learn more here)

Let’s bring the fun with some summer photo booth ideas.

We’ve been loving the strong combos with pastels and bold colors sharing the stage. And of course we are equally obsessed with all the tropical foliage that has taken over our favorite spaces, patterns, & swimwear. This has inspired two cool new backdrops that we are in love with!

Summer Photobooth Backdrop Ideas

Tropical makes a trendy backdrop for a swanky late-night summer party with bold cocktail dresses & strong drinks. Some cool props we would match it with would be animal masks, fancy hats, & our hand made flowers. 

Pool is a great backdrop for creativity. Bring in some real crazy props, inflatable animals, giant sized anything, and all the funky sunglasses. If you’re party is an actual pool party this is a great idea to get some good pictures, before the wet hair. 

Honestly, we always think photo booths are a great idea.

The bias is pretty clear and our passion lies in bringing the fun to any party. So whether you are hiring professionals like us or making your own, we hope our photo booth ideas help you upgrade your summer shin ding. 

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