Office Party Upgrade - Corporate Photo Booth

Corporate Photo booth Miami

Corporate photo booth: Is that a thing?

Of all the places and events you’d imagine to put a photo booth, a corporate party may not be the first to come to your mind. So why is that a service we provide? Because it’s a weirdly effective way to promote and enhance your brand’s visibility, while having a great time with your colleagues.

How do we do that?

Our All Access photo booth are 110% customizable. Through quality backgrounds, amazing props and by including your brand’s elements into the mix, we’ll create a picture-ready environment perfectly tailored to your company’s goals.

Give your event the exposure it deserves.

It’s one thing to have a classic photographer taking formal pictures throughout the event. These could be very high quality, but may not be particularly “shareable”. With your All Access corporate photo booth you’ll get a whole different experience.

First of all, it’s an awesome way to break the ice. Having the people your share most of your days with, relaxing and enjoying themselves and putting on amazing props and getting a laugh in front of a camera, can have a very positive impact on your event. (Let all the stiffyness go!) Plus, you’ll get some pretty good memories out of it.

Second, everyone wants a cool job environment and brag about it a little bit on social media. By having us there, you’ll give your coworkers a chance to loosen up a bit and create fun and relaxed pictures that would be difficult to achieve without our special touch. And these are exactly the type of pictures that are so naturally shareable.

Take advantage to incorporate your brand’s messaging!

We can provide you with awesome and cool looking frames which you could use to include the event’s hashtag or your company’s message. As your team share their pictures on social media, you can get your message across much more effectively.

They make great souvenirs for the office.

Best thing is you can share a laugh with your colleagues afterwards and create a fun mural or board with your different pictures, all while maintaining a professional look and having awesome branding

It’s fun. It’s effective. It’s awesome looking… Yes, we’d say that corporate photo booth are a thing! Take advantage of the great time all your guests will have to exploit and improve your reach through quality, awesome looking and fun pictures!

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