Love x Expression: Photo Booth Wedding Edition

For us, weddings are the most magical photo booth gigs we get to do. Love-struck giddy couples smooch in front of the camera. Starry eyed family and friends are relaxed and ready to celebrate. Seriously, check out their moves in our gallery. 

More than just us having fun, and bringing the fun, we have seen the impact photo booths have at wedding parties. 


A photo booth at a wedding creates an atmosphere that is geared towards excitement and connection, especially after those gushy wedding vows. Guests move past the dinner time, catching up and get to shake it loose after some drinks while taking a break from dancing. Usually sweaty and out of breath, no judgment!

Even though professional photographers are essential to capture those dreamy moments, photo booths let a guest create their memorable moment at the wedding. Everybody can participate and continue the laughs years after they were first shared. 


Plus, after the wedding photo booth…

Sharing with loved ones is what weddings are about, even ones who couldn’t make it. Guests get access to their photos via text when they take them, letting them share right away. Plus, with All Access you can create a keepsake like no other: a photo guest book. Printing photo strips on the spot and letting your guests write comments around them. 


Bring the warmth and affection that you get from wrapping your arm around a loved one, wearing goofy palm tree sunglasses.

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