Up Next: Overhead Photography!

At All Access, we love trying new things and finding ways to make your photo booth experience unforgettable! Now we offer ...drumroll... Overhead Photography!

Take a new angle on your traditional photo booth for a flattering view of your guests. With overhead photography, you can make your set a creative part of your event, like having guests fly through a cityscape or lie down in a relaxing beachside chair.

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The Collection Case Study

This Spring, All Access helped luxury car dealer The Collection in Miami, Florida host the Yelp Elite #ExperienceMore event with Audi. Part of their experience included test driving an Audi, touring the 3-story dealership/shop and snapping a photo with us!

We thought overhead photography would go perfectly with this event, as it allowed them to fully showcase the product they were promoting: the Audi. Plus, the guests had a blast taking their picture from inside the convertible really bringing in that #ExperienceMore hashtag to reality. 

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With overhead photography, it's not just a new take on photo booths, but a new take on set design and brand activation. Reach out to find out more on how you can combine overhead photography with other fun features like green screen and animated overlays!