What is brand activation?

We are all guilty of it. Promoting our own way to help you activate your brand. Brand Activation. But what is it? And why are we are part of the conversation? (You know, photo booth people). 

What is Brand Activation?

It’s a marketing term, one that describes a specific kind of brand marketing. Though there are similar terms like brand awareness, brand activation has a specific purpose. Activating extends beyond bringing your brand to the attention of your audience. It takes the next step into evoking actual emotion through experience. 

Take a TV ad or magazine spread. Though both can have an impact with well-thought-out design, there is little way your audience can actually engage with each medium. Instead, your audience is receiving your message but there is a limit to how you can have a dialogue or evaluate their reaction. Instead, with an event, such as an energy drink company passing out free drinks or an experience-focused booth at a concert, your audience creates an experience in their memory that has a emotional connection to your brand.

So what does this have to do with photo booths?

A crucial aspect of any brand activation must involve promoting strong social media activity. Success is not limited to the individual experiencing this moment with your brand. It can continue in their user-generated content that propagates your message and your brand to all of their followers, even beyond the event.  

Tools like photo booths, clever billboards/display or professional photographers make this possible. Pair your tools with catchy hashtags and make the content you create easily accessible for sharing through text or email. 

Check out our case studies, where we highlight our favorite brand activation moments. The best part of brand activation is that each company can tackle it in it’s own unique way, depending on their product and their goal. The best part of photo booths is that they are designed to engage people with a fun & quick photo experience. Also, with branded overlays on images & branded printed photo strips, sharing the moment has never been easier.