A backdrop for everyone

Comparing and contrasting our photo booth backdrop options

As the party planning season approaches, or already has for those who like to get an early start, its important to plan your photo booth with time. Of course you will have a photo booth, i.e. 4 reasons why you need a photo booth, but more importantly what backdrop will you choose?! Check out our selection below, and with All Access you get to work with photographers & designers who go beyond bringing the fun by helping you design the best photo booth for you!



Solid Color Backdrop

You can pick a solid color for a straight forward background. Pro-tip: sometimes simple is the way to go! Especially if you will be adding a branded overlay or want big fun props. Check out how Swatch made a white background feel light & fun.


image (1).gif

Patterned Backdrops

Find the pattern that best matches your theme! It’ll be the perfect backdrop to your guests & to your event venue. Let your booth stand front & center, setting the mood for a night of fun.


image (2).gif

Dots + Stripes Backdrops

Spruce up your solid color with a pattern! Bonus: it’s still solid color play, meaning you can match to most themes or brand colors. Check out how BMW used black & white stripes for their #Ownyourcity event


image (3).gif

Glamorous Foil Backdrops

Definitely the quickest way to set the mood for your backdrop: let’s get fancy. Foil sparkles in the photo, creating a shimmering & fabulous backdrop for your guests. Perfect match for weddings or holiday parties.  


image (4).gif

Green Screen Backdrop

Our full green screen expose can be found here, but just so you know the sky’s the limit. A perfect way to customize your backdrop, no printing required. Plus you can animated your backdrop as well! Check out more about double animation here.


image (5).gif

Finally, Custom Backdrops!

Whether it’s your own printed graphic or a step & repeat backdrop, we can help you create the perfect backdrop for your event. Our goal is to make sure your guests experience a fun & modern booth that helps your event be memorable!


If you love what you see, reach out to us!