Digital Photo Booth

Our Photo Booths & Why Everyone Loves Them

Talking about bringing the fun and sprucing up your photos are some of our favorite conversations. But the truth is that beyond (well, technically in front of) the unique props and cool graphics, stand the quality equipment we use to make your photo booth print and share-worthy. With state-of-the-art technology and sleek modern looks, let us introduce you to booths that make it happen every time.

MIMO aka the Digital Booth


As our latest addition to the All Access family, MIMO is a newcomer that brings a lot of spunk. MIMO is iPad based, that makes this sleek modern booth very portable and easy to set up anywhere. Another feature from the future is the constant beauty light ring, making everyone look camera-ready. Plus, with MIMO you get a selection of filters & digital props that add to the fun silliness of the photo booth experience. With your choice of static images, animated GIFs or Boomerangs, all your images are share-ready through text or email.



Our sexy LOLA is the talk of the town. This compact booth is easy to set up and breakdown, but yet provides a full photo booth experience. LOLA takes amazing photos with our DSLR camera and studio flash. With this booth, you get a selection of premium backdrops and the best props, ever. Images can be easily shared through text with your custom message attached. LOLA has already traveled the world, but her favorite place is destination weddings in the Caribbean.

The Jetson aka the Brand BootH


As our in-house designed booth, the Jetson is our client's choice when it comes to brand activation and corporate events. The Jetson has the most features available to enhance any brand's presence at a convention, festival or opening. Starting with wrapping the booth to gathering participant data, this booth has the ability to take your event to the next level. To find out even more about our brand booth, check the Jetson out in his very own feature profile.

Every single camera brings it’s own character to the event and we make sure to help you find your best match. Make sure to reach out today to book your booth!

4 Reasons Why You Need a Photo Booth

Here at All Access, we get asked a lot of questions. Some have simple answers, some require serious thought and snacks (you know, fuel for creativity). But before you even get to asking us questions though, you might be asking yourself: Why a Photo Booth? You might be looking to impress guests or find an exciting element for your clients’ events. 

 Well, we definitely know why. #photoboothfun #loveallaccess

Skip on the chocolate fountain 🍫 and give your guests what they really want.

Ask us how to make it happen here.

Welcome to All Access Booth!

Welcome to fun. Your favorite photo booth rental in Miami is here!

We’re here to create awesome memories alongside you during the special occasions that mean the world to you: and therefore, it means the world to us too! We’re here to take it to the next level when it comes to photo booth rental in Miami.

Ours is a simple mission: to make you look like a celebrity and to expose your brand to the max.

You want your event to be remembered. To be celebrated. To be lived… and what better way of doing it than to capture moments forever in high quality, exceptionally beautiful pictures? There are (probably) other ways, but none as simple, fun and just damn cool as the experience we provide.

You and your guest won’t just enter a photo booth to print out a couple of pictures that you’ll never look at again. You’ll enter a complete experience that you’ll remember forever.

We’re all about the details. And quality. And fun.

Your event is special in hundreds of different ways. You’ve been planning it for hours, days, or months, all your friends and family will be there and hundreds of other factors known to you alone. But for us, it’s super special in two key ways: It’s yours and no matter what, it will never happen again. So, we’re dedicated to create the perfect environment that will fit you as closely as possible. Supported by our amazing hand picked props, quality backgrounds and our charismatic team, we’ll help you and your guests be as goofy/romantic/rockstar as your heart desires.

From the backgrounds, the props, the printout design, the themes, to the professional lighting and photography we’ve got you covered!

Flamingo sunglasses on, hand’s up and tongues out!

Gif creation, green screens to simulate anywhere in the world, customizable branded graphics, custom photo setups, light painting… just trust us: it’s time to pick a prop and smile!

Let’s have fun, ok?

Interested? We'd love to talk, click here now!

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