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Welcome to fun. Your favorite photo booth rental in Miami is here!

We’re here to create awesome memories alongside you during the special occasions that mean the world to you: and therefore, it means the world to us too! We’re here to take it to the next level when it comes to photo booth rental in Miami.

Ours is a simple mission: to make you look like a celebrity and to expose your brand to the max.

You want your event to be remembered. To be celebrated. To be lived… and what better way of doing it than to capture moments forever in high quality, exceptionally beautiful pictures? There are (probably) other ways, but none as simple, fun and just damn cool as the experience we provide.

You and your guest won’t just enter a photo booth to print out a couple of pictures that you’ll never look at again. You’ll enter a complete experience that you’ll remember forever.

We’re all about the details. And quality. And fun.

Your event is special in hundreds of different ways. You’ve been planning it for hours, days, or months, all your friends and family will be there and hundreds of other factors known to you alone. But for us, it’s super special in two key ways: It’s yours and no matter what, it will never happen again. So, we’re dedicated to create the perfect environment that will fit you as closely as possible. Supported by our amazing hand picked props, quality backgrounds and our charismatic team, we’ll help you and your guests be as goofy/romantic/rockstar as your heart desires.

From the backgrounds, the props, the printout design, the themes, to the professional lighting and photography we’ve got you covered!

Flamingo sunglasses on, hand’s up and tongues out!

Gif creation, green screens to simulate anywhere in the world, customizable branded graphics, custom photo setups, light painting… just trust us: it’s time to pick a prop and smile!

Let’s have fun, ok?

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