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Expo Booth x Lito SA

Expo MiPyme Digital is the largest tech industry fair in Colombia, bringing together businesses from all around the country, and we were there! The event was organized by ENTER.CO with support from MinTIC (Ministry of Information Technology and Communication). The event brings together businesses every year to educate and demonstrate the latest developments in technology that will help business owners run and grow their companies.

Green Screen Photo Booth

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Standard Green Screen

Make your next photo booth as unique as you are with our Green Screen backdrop. Use your custom image to create an original background!

Animated Green Screen


It gets even better, with a series of images we can quickly upgrade your custom backdrop into an animated GIF. 



We lied. It gets even better than getting better. You're background is animated, and so are you. Double the fun per GIF (we checked the math).

Plus, we can add an overlay that reminds guests of your hashtag or brand message. 

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