Halloween Inspiration | Photo Booth Ideas

Getting Spooky for Halloween

Halloween is here and we have always thought it as the perfect photo booth holiday! With all the costumes and fantasy adding props & scary backdrops is a perfect combination. Plus, it’s exciting to capture all the unique creative costume ideas or the most popular ones, remember when everyone was Daddy’s Lil Monster?

What is brand activation?

We are all guilty of it. Promoting our own way to help you activate your brand. Brand Activation. But what is it? And why are we are part of the conversation? (You know, photo booth people). 

What is Brand Activation?

It’s a marketing term, one that describes a specific kind of brand marketing. Though there are similar terms like brand awareness, brand activation has a specific purpose. Activating extends beyond bringing your brand to the attention of your audience.

A backdrop for everyone

As the party planning season approaches, or already has for those who like to get an early start, its important to plan your photo booth with time. Of course you will have a photo booth, i.e. 4 reasons why you need a photo booth, but more importantly what backdrop will you choose?! Check out our selection below, and with All Access you get to work with photographers & designers who go beyond bringing the fun by helping you design the best photo booth for you!

Expo Booth x Lito SA

Expo MiPyme Digital is the largest tech industry fair in Colombia, bringing together businesses from all around the country, and we were there! The event was organized by ENTER.CO with support from MinTIC (Ministry of Information Technology and Communication). The event brings together businesses every year to educate and demonstrate the latest developments in technology that will help business owners run and grow their companies.